The services we offer on this basis include the following:

1.Advise the landlord on what we consider to be a fair market rent given standard and type of property; its furnishings, equipment, accommodation and environment having regard for other such similar properties which may be available on the market.

2.Advise the landlord on what fixtures, fittings and equipment should be included in the let. Advise about on-going maintenance and repair that may be undertaken during the let and the landlord advised in the importance of existing guarantees and repair contracts and advisability if seeking maintenance and repair contracts prior to the start of the tenancy. The existence of such contracts may greatly reduce the overheads of a landlord during the term. Advise landlord not to leave valuable ornaments, or expensive items of furniture in property.

3.Advise the landlord to prepare the property thoroughly prior to the let to be more attractive to a potential tenant and easier to maintain during the term.

4.Circulate the relevant property details to suitable applicants and arrange for advertising (included in our letting fee).

5.Negotiate an acceptable rent and obtain satisfactory references to include the applicants’ Bankers, previous Landlords, Credit Check and/or Employers and collect the agreed deposit and rent in advance. A landlord will want to know how any dilapidations will be covered in terms of deposit- it is normal that at least one and a half month’s rent is taken as a deposit as security for the performance of a tenant’s obligation.

6.Prepare and execute the appropriate tenancy agreement

‘7.Check in’ the tenant using the Landlord s inventory or, alternatively, we can arrange for a professional inventory to be taken (in this case the inventory specialist’s fee must be paid for by the landlord).

8.Arrange for the gas, electricity and water to be transferred to the tenants as appropriate. Each time a tenant takes possession, and for the duration of the tenancy, the tenant is the subscriber and is thus responsible for all accounts including any charge when a change takes place.

9.Advise the landlord that the consent of the mortgagee (if any) must be obtained prior to the let, for without it the landlord will be in breach of obligations as a mortgagor.

10.Advise the landlord of the obligation to inform the Insurance company that the property is to be let- the Insurance company will advise on any additional cover or exceptions that are necessary.

11.Arrange for EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) and Gas Safety Certification as required by law.

12.All instructions are on a NO LET NO FEE basis.

13.Ensure that deposit is registered in accordance with legislation.


The services we offer on this basis include points 1-13 previously mentioned under “Lettings Only” as well as the following:

14.Collect the rent in accordance with the terms of the agreement, usually each month on the same date the contract started. These monies will be retained for a period not exceeding ten days in order to discharge any proper landlord’s disbursements (ie. mortgages, water rates, service charges, maintenance charges, ground rent, insurance and other bills, provided that the landlord has instructed those creditors in writing to send their accounts regularly to us).

15.Provide a fully computerised rent collection, administration and accounting service and will balance and send, each month, a financial statement showing the rent received and the expenses incurred for the period. The balancing cheque can either be paid into a United Kingdom bank account on your request or posted to you, together with a copy of the statement and any other relevant paid receipts.

16.Investigate the necessity for repairs during the tenancy and arrange for such works to be carried out through tenders or consultation, as agreed. We normally obtain the landlord’s prior permission for large expenditures in normal circumstances, when no urgency exists and communication with our client is feasible. However as and when an emergency does arise we may proceed without prior approval.

17.Two months prior to the end of tenancy, liaise with landlord regarding rent increases, tenancy renewals or noticed to be served. Deal with any tenancy and deposit disputes that may arise at the end of tenancy.