First Impressions do Count!

As estate agents we are acutely aware that first impressions are crucial. We are trying to sell a potential tenant a lifestyle- if they do not buy into this, they will not want to live in your property. Furthermore if you do not respect your property and look after it, why would they? However if they see that you as a landlord cherish and maintain your property, they will be more inclined to do so.


Tidy the front garden, trim lawn and hedges. Ensure that the path to doorway is clear. Wipe down the front door and if needs be, give it a paint or gloss- it will be worth it! Stick to neutral shades like black and white, or choose something that matches the context and architectural style. We are trying to sell them a lifestyle, not a broken buggy or a pile of old tyres.


Please clean your windows! There is nothing more unappealing than dirty windows from the outside. Also if tenants view from the inside and cannot see out it makes it difficult for them to visualise the idyllic lifestyle they dream of. Use window boxes or hanging baskets if possible- they add colour and make the property seem looked after. They can also increase privacy, as well as cover up defects.

Communal parts/hallways

In flats we often see hallways cluttered with odds and ends, junk mail and bikes. This is off-putting. Remove these and ensure that the light bulbs work. Even a lick of paint will do wonders!

Kitchen and bathrooms

Give your kitchen a botox facelift

Paint your cupboard doors to really freshen up your kitchen- again neutral colours are best although they seem boring. Most DIY stores sell specialist paints for a durable and smooth finish. Accessorize to add colour and character, but don’t create too much clutter. The smell of freshly brewed coffee can really help a potential tenant to visualise living there.

Neutral and peaceful bathroom

We go to the bathroom many times throughout the day, and tenants want it to be a relaxing process! Blue or white are the best colours to use- if tiled are dated, think about getting white tile paint. A grout pen will also work wonders in making your tiled look like new. If the bath is outdated it can be re-coated or enamelled to white within 24hours and for under £100. Leave the toilet seat down, use an air freshener or candle and clean the bathroom thoroughly! Also do not have a shower just before a viewing- it will look like you have condensation problems. Fluffy towels (think hotel-style) will make the property and lifestyle more appealing.

Living rooms and bedrooms


Odds and ends, kids’ toys and clothes everywhere will make a room seem tiny. Tidy away all your clutter. Painting it a light colour will make it seem bigger.

Furniture is crucial

Old or worn sofas and chairs can be reupholstered, or to save cost can be covered with throws in a neutral colour so attention is drawn elsewhere. Scatter cushions can add vibrance and colour.

Carpet stains- major turn-off!

Either steam clean, clean thoroughly or lay down a rug or runner to cover stains. Bad carpets are no fun.


Unless your property is high-spec we advise painting it a neutral or light colour throughout- it has more mass appeal and will make the property seem larger. Make sure the colour scheme is consistent throughout the property- a green bathroom and purple kitchen with brown bedrooms will incongruence. Remove those Spice Girls posters too, to create more space.

Small rooms

Make small rooms bigger by painting them white. Use blinds instead of curtains to save space. Hang a thin long mirror at chest height to make the room appear more spacious- beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so take advantage!

Creating atmosphere

A fireplace or hearth is a very homely feature, so light it up an take advantage OF IT! In summer you can fill it with candles. Flowers will smell lovely, brighten up a room and make it look cared for. Air out the house to get rid of cooking or pet odours- our senses play a crucial role in decision-making.


No-one wants to live in a damp and ice-cold property- please ensure the heating is on and the house is cozy and comfortable.


Clean windows so light can enter the house during daytime viewings. For evening viewings use sidelights or candles to create a pleasant ambience and inviting feel.

Finish in style


Got those odd-jobs that need to be finished? Then do them! Take pride in finishing– trim the edges of your laminate floor, mend that broken shelf, take that masking tape off the window frame. Finishing touches are what people really notice- that extra 10% can make 90% of the difference.